Our Mission

At Lakes SurgiCare Center we are a healthcare organization designed to provide the highest quality of care to individuals with foot and ankle problems.  Our mission requires a commitment to value, quality, safety, and education from the medical staff and employees which will therefore create an optimal environment for the well being of our patients.  This mission is accomplished through fair, transparent pricing, access to the most up-to-date treatment methods, consideration of patient needs, and open communication between the patient, family, and facility staff.  The result of this mission is maintaining an environment of care of the highest standards, one that is cost efficient, and allows the patients and staff to realize they are in a facility of the highest caliber. This mission will remain a priority to always be improved upon on a daily basis.

Why we are different

At Lakes SurgiCare Center we are adopting an innovative approach to how we treat our patients. We think our patients should know what to expect from the care they receive. Up front. This includes how much things cost. We are establishing clear, easy-to-understand pricing so patients will know what different treatments cost. With this information our patients are better able to make informed decisions about the care they receive.
These prices will be available to anyone who wishes to pay us directly for their medical care. If you would like us to file an insurance claim for you, these prices may not apply to you.

A Safer Setting

Is Lakes SurgiCare Center safe? Absolutely!
By attaining accreditation from The Joint Commission, it shows our patients that we ascribe to the highest level of safety standards set forth for office based surgery. All of our staff is trained to handle any emergencies and we have the proper equipment on premises to do so. Additionally, chances of infection are much less due to the fact we only do foot and ankle surgery in our O.R. When you go to the hospital, you will likely never know what type of procedure was performed in the O.R. before yours and if a proper cleaning job was performed.